candy shop

Candy Shop – Coffee Bean

It's time to go to your beloved candy shop once more because they have fresh delicious item that you love and now it will be something regarding coffe beans involved! Once more our strange but quite productive team of scientists trying to create an ultimate dessert - the one that you cannot only to consume but to become indeed hot chick and fuck her rather! This time it's going to be something unique but notification ou more will mean to ruin the fun. Take pleasure in the story and play brief minigames represnting sensual testing with freshly created hottie and ofcourse don't leave behind to visit our site because this amazing manga porn game collection has fairly a great deal of sequences that you ar egoing to enjoy non the less compared to this one here! Get some sugarfree!

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Candy Shop – Candy Corn

It's 8 AM again at the Bo-Peep Candy shop and their with a meeting to determine what to create as a special treat for Halloween. You are the one who's likely to check the product anyway.

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