Teen Titans

Teen Titans Tentacles 2

Part of the Teen Titans and tentacled monster battle. You have (when you observed the previous part ofcorse) noticed how Raven got fucked up by plenty of tentacles. So it is time for Starfire to find out exactly what she's capable in battle with such monstrosity! And pretty soon you'll find out that ginger-haired alien chick comes with a secret weapon against this type of enemies - she will fuck him a hard and lengthy as she can! Yep, you heard that right - she will let him to fuck her in all crevasses at once! Why? Because having a lot of bang-out always takes away a great deal of advantages - which just what our superhero team requirements! And Starfire plan is to fuck him untill he will liberate not just his strengths but his lifestyle too! There's not much of a game - it is only joy and sexy hentai animated parody.

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