Temari sex straddle

Temari is a blond type world renowned anime (and manga)"Naruto". Fascinating fact - she has four pigtails instead of two. Does it imply that she's twice hornier than any othe rgirl in the set? In this particular game it will! Thus don't be surpirsed that straight from the start you will see Temari naked and sitting on op of your big hard man rod. She's waiting for the directive - simply click on the button (there won't be a lot of these - this game is mostly for joy rather than for battle) and she will ride your cock increasingly more intense. On her way to an orgasm she will attempt few distinct tricks such as thrusting and grinding on your own rod but don't worry - sooner or afterwards you'll take your cumload up her vulva... and then after that you can fuck her one more time. And yet more!

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